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about the better u foundation

Founded in 2005 by actor Jim Carrey, The Better U Foundation(BUF) addresses global food security by supporting the System of Rice Intensification(SRI). SRI is a sustainable agricultural methodology which significantly increases rice productivity, allowing farmers to go to market with their rice and earn a better living for their families.

Making the difference

More than a billion people today rely on rice as a main source of food. This number will certainly rise in the coming years with the expected growth of the world’s population. Greater demand for foods such as rice will come at a time of increasing pressure on the earth’s resources — a time when our soils are becoming less fertile, our streams and rivers more polluted, and our forests more threatened. Improving agricultural productivity, particularly for resource-intensive crops such as rice, will be a critical factor in securing food for the world’s population. SRI is an important part of the solution.

In 2010, I was pleased to have been invited to address the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City on the success and future of SRI. The Better U Foundation is committed to sharing the exciting news about SRI and ensuring that its dramatic early success is only the beginning. With the goal of empowering others by supporting transformational and sustainable ideas, the Better U Foundation is committed to cultivating a better universe.


Better U is committed to the promotion of a world community where people mix, ideas get sparked, friendships get forged, stereotypes and prejudices get broken; a world in which mutual trust provides collaborative, new leadership for a world ripe with opportunity. We designed this website to presents inspiring innovations and projects we believe will promote transformational and sustainable results for a Better U.

– John Jolliffe